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Thought, different.

A new startup was being formed that specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions and bringing new business initiatives to market. DenMark Partners was retained to create a new corporate name that would reflect a powerful promise: a path to prosperity. Our solution: VIORUM LLC, from the Latin via (way) + aurum (gold). The client was delighted.
Wen Chang, a well-known hotel developer from Taiwan, created the world's first LEED-certified green hotel in California's Napa Valley. DenMark produced a scintillating solution: GAIA. The pre-Hellenic earth goddess, Gaia was the original "Mother Nature," which made perfect sense for a green enterprise.
Lam Research, for which DenMark has created more than a dozen specialized product names for various semiconductor tools, called on us to create a corporate name for a joint venture with a South Korean semiconductor tool manufacturer. Our solution was CORUS, which at once evokes both "chorus" (a group singing in unison), as well as "Korea" and U.S.
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