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The DenMark Difference


Analysis & positioning, concept ideation, name generation, trademark screening, linguistic analyses, native speaker evaluations and testing research. Together these elements comprise the proper trade name development protocol.


The DenMark Difference?

DenMark offers professional help for your identity crisis. How? We create URLs and Trademarkable Company, Product, and Service names as well as brandlines--our goal is to solve your specific business problem as it relates to the trademark.

To that end, we offer:

    * Affordable, fair market pricing

    * Powerful ideational capabilities

    * Accessibility and responsiveness

    * Full team involvement and commitment

    * Strategic and tactical consulting


One client called us "semantic engineers." That is an accurate assessment, as we believe our primary role is problem-solving. The bottom line is the bottom line. We do it faster, cheaper, better. In short, we’re the best value in this business. DenMark creates dynamic Trade Names that hit your strategic bullseye and SELL. After all, isn’t that the whole point?

Please don't look for a "funny" blog slamming goofy names created by the competition--you won't find one. Fascinating that those doing the slamming have pretty goofy names themselves, if you stop to think about it. A clever if obvious diversion, we say. Look, brand marketing is not some sort of amusing game--it's war!

Ladies and gentlemen, our role is not to entertain you. It is to create a powerful, compelling name with which your company, product or service can succeed in the global arena. That is our goal and our sole focus. We agree with the redoubtable Aldus Manutius, renowned printer and inventor of italics. He posted the following note outside his office in Venice in the 1500s: 
Parlare d'altro che di affari, e la spedizione che le imprese in fretta. (Talk of nothing but business, and dispatch that business quickly.)

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