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About DenMark


We have worked on Trade Name projects for companies like Agilent, Avaya, FedEx, Ford, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Lam Research, Mazda, Sony, Verizon, Viorum, VISA and VW.

Principal projects we've been involved in include:

Gaia "World's First" - Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified "Green" hotels; named after the pre-Hellenic Earth Goddess. The American pronunciation also means "thrive" in Taiwanese, a spoken language.

Greek to Me Catering service specializing in Mediterranean cuisine

Grafifi Premium promotions company
(T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers)

Legence Leading regional bank in Southern Illinois

Syndion 3D-IC system for Lam Research

Coronus Bevel Clean System for Lam Research

Redbeard renaming of Hoffman Creative, Hollister, California Internet marketing and website developer BPO (business process outsourcing) company (India)

Almighty Dollars fundraising scrip program for Episcopal Church

Coop de Ville urban chicken ranching DIY kit

Local Heroes professionals and tradesmen business networking group


Finepoints high-technology editing and proofreading service.

Atenza* redesigned Mazda 626 (Matsuda Capella) in Japan

Avaya* Lucent Technologies enterprise networking "spin-out", derived from "advaya", Sanskrit for "unity."

Innovating the HP Way*--heritage brandline for Agilent Technologies.

Qarana* Website developer (Spain)

Tactive* B2B business hub

TRAXX automotive friction materials [brakes, clutches] (Egypt)

The Pulse newsletter for A&A National Health Care Division

Strategis renaming of Property Tax Services, Dallas

Tactics client newsletter for Strategis

Alexcel automation software for global insurance brokerage


Pardon our name-dropping--it comes with the territory. Which is not to be confused with the map.


*Whilst serving a brief stretch at Landor San Francisco

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