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A Tour of DenMark

DenMark creates remarkable trademarks for an international clientele.

We design product, service and corporate names (including URLs) to meet your specifications. Our mission is developing powerful, compelling trademarks that SELL.  We're not interested in merely creating a name--frankly, you can do that yourself. We want to create the trademark to identify your offering in the global arena --a Trademark with intelligence, simplicity and aesthetics.

From gleam in the eye startups to the global big dogs, our work spans the full gamut of verbal brand expression: Corporate names,  Trademarks & Service Marks; nomenclatures (naming systems); architectures; URLs; plus trademarkable brandlines and taglines.

DenMark is an idea and taste machine.
-Wen I. Chang | Hotel Developer, Hotelier

DenMark is one of the best kept secrets in the branding business.
-D. Zendzian | Brand Strategist

I appreciate the insight and creativity DenMark brought to the process.
-Gerald Noemdoe | Managing Director,  Viorum LLC

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